Women today have been considered slutty for wearing short, tight and skimpy clothes.

This according to the norms and cultures of various societies it is considered wrong to expose too much skin since women’s bodies are considered special and sacred.

It is considered shameful in some societies to wear some of such clothes.

In some societies citizens go to an extent of stripping an indecent woman just to serve as punishment and to supposedly set an example to the rest who think they can look sexy.

With changing times and trends it is considered sexy to look skimpy.

Though some religions rebuke some of these actions the question is how does it make an individual feel and how does it build an individual.

It is said ones clothes affect the mood, behavior, confidence, the attitude, personality and even affect the self image of an individual.

Some women are mistaken to wearing sexy clothes to seduce men but in most cases they just want to lift their spirits.

Nothing more nothing less.

Right clothes and even right undergarments make women feel comfortable and confident.

When one is told you really look sexy in a certain outfit it boosts their confidence.

Women tend to walk around head held high when they look good.

Studies show that that women who wear the way they please are confident and tend to posses a certain power.

Women have different ways of feeling feminine.
Some might feel feminine when they show some skin while others may feel feminine when they wear skimpy outfits or even by dressing up in tight clothes that show their beautiful figures.

Still others may feel feminine when they wear dresses and others may feel feminine when they wear strapless tops well its everybody’s type of feeling.
This shows that some women wear skimpily to bring out the feminine nature in them.

If one is confident that they look good they tend to have a high self esteem which dictates to better output in their work places or even in their schools reason being because it is already in their heads that today I have a power and I will use it to the best of my abilities.

Sexy outfits helps one look presentable and have that feel good attitude towards themselves and helps them keep their moods high and their thoughts straightforward through out the day.

Women who tend to have poor dressing messy hair and poorly done make up are most likely to perform poorly in their work areas and even in their studies.

This is why women should be given freedom to dress as they please.

Women who don’t dress up according to what they like tend to have a low mood more often, keep to themselves and have a low self esteem because what they wear is forced on them by the society or various individuals.

What they wear to themselves isn’t sexy.

Studies show that women who tend to wear what they want are more productive since they are who they are.

They don’t have to pretend and struggle to become who they are not.

Some clothes are skimpy and quite sexy but their price too is quite prestigious hence their social status is lifted through the way they dress.

Hence some women dress skimpily for a sense of prestige which is a good thing especially for a woman.

What you wear reflects what people think about you.

A woman dressed in ‘covered everywhere’ outfits who goes to talk to a group of youth might not be taken seriously because they think it is backward and not stylish.

Many people tend to think that women mostly dress skimpily to attract men but the main reasons are for confidence, higher self esteem, in order to express their sense of individuality, to bring out the feminine nature or sense of a woman, in order to show people their social status, they dress according to their mood and also for comfortibility.

It is important to let women dress the way they want for them to be more productive in the society.

It is to be known that it is not a sin to have sexy legs and a well rounded butt and of course a beautiful figure.

My dress my choice.