Sexual promiscuity is something that is oddly frowned upon in today’s society because of ancient cultural norms that don’t make sense in a modern world.

Despite sex being a natural thing that humans are inclined to want to have, old stigmas persist telling us that we need to keep it in our pants and leave some room for Jesus.

However, contrary to what your local pastor might tell you, being promiscuous and engaging in sexual activity isn’t actually bad for you – in fact, in many cases, getting your freak on can not only be an enjoyable little romp, but can also be a genuinely healthy experience for you!

Despite what cultural stigma makes us think, sex is not a dirty thing.

Sex is a wonderful part of nature that we are programmed to enjoy for a reason.

It makes us happy when we engage in it and it brings us closer (metaphorically and literally) together as people.

Just like if you tried to suppress any other of your biological needs, suppressing your inert want for sex will only make you both miserable and irritated.

Meanwhile, if you fulfill your sexual needs, you will be living a happy and healthy life.

One of the main perks of having a lot of sex is the amount of confidence it instills in you.

In this day and age, especially for women, there is this image of a “perfect body” always being forced onto us.

Sometimes this image can be so grating that we look at ourselves and just feel completely inadequate, even if that’s not really the case.

No matter how beautiful a person is, they will still always see the flaws on themselves first when they look in the mirror.

It’s very hard and difficult for us to look at ourselves and tell ourselves that we are beautiful.

However, when we engage in sexual activity, we become much more confident in our charm and our body.

After all, we apparently were sexy enough to get someone into bed with us, right?

Being promiscuous gives us a positive image of our bodies because we aren’t the only critic viewing our naked bodies anymore.

When other people look at you, they’re gonna see all the things that make you attractive before they notice the single mole you have on a remote part of your body that you focus on every time you look in a mirror.

Not only does sex feel good to have, but it also feels amazing to know that someone found you attractive enough to want to mate with.

Aside from building a positive body image, being sexually promiscuous also helps you discover things about yourself that you might not figure out going about a low sex lifestyle.

Sex is like your favorite restaurant; how can you know what’s the best thing on the menu if you’ve only tried a few things?

The more sex you have, the more you’ll figure out what you like in the bed and the more you’ll be able to enjoy yourself when time comes to have even more sex.

Being promiscuous also has many of the benefits of being in a relationship without all of the strings attached.

For example, playing the field allows you to skip all of the baggage of courtship and careful treading of emotional lines and get right to the part that makes everyone happy.

Plus, if the sex is bad or your partner turns out to be a toxic person who you don’t want to be around, there’s little to no emotional attachment preventing you from closing them out of your life.

Contrast this with a committed relationship where you are not only emotionally connected on a deeper level but you are also most likely financially intertwined as well, and it can sometimes be a lot harder to kick a toxic partner out of your life.

On the counter side, however, having a lot of sex can often help you find someone who you might want to be in a committed relationship with.

After all, playing the field lets you explore multiple options at once, instead of having to spend your time dating one person at a time.

But most importantly, being promiscuous is just plain old fun.

And frankly, in a world where it seems like we’re doing nothing but working ourselves to death, everyone deserves to have a lot more fun.